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2019-20 Pricing

(Subject to change. Honored per date deposit received)

We Welcome Corporate, Family, Group and Single Hunters


Hunts may be arranged around your schedule, however, a typical hunt begins the first day at 1 pm ending at 11:00 am on the third day which encompasses four hunt outings; two morning and two evening hunts.

Contact Karl Kinsel 210.415.4167

or email

Whitetail Trophy
Includes a chance during package hunt to harvest one doe and predators.

Any buck under 100 B&C Gross Score    $1000

100-119 7/8    $1,500
120-129 7/8    $2,000
130-134 7/8    $2,500
135-139 7/8    $3,000
140-144 7/8    $3,500
145-149 7/8    $4,000
150-154 7/8    $4,500
155-159 7/8    $5,000
160-164 7/8    $5,500
165-169 7/8    $6,500
170-174 7/8    $7,000
175-179 7/8    $7,500
180-184 7/8    $8,000
185-189 7/8    $8,500
190-194 7/8    $9,500
195-199 7/8    $10,500
200-204 7/8    $11,500
205-209 7/8    $12,500
210-214 7/8    $13,500
215-219 7/8    $14,500
220-225          $16,000
Over 225        $200 per in. gross B&C
Droptine        Add $500 per in. off base

Doe Meat Hunt (includes lodge & guide)    $700 pp
Up to 2 does of available species Whitetail, Axis or Blackbuck. Additional does at $200 EACH. Minimum 3 Hunters to Maximum 6 hunters. 4 hunts over 2 days.


Exotic Hunts
Includes a chance during package hunt to harvest
one doe and predators.

Axis Deer Male                     $2,500
Blackbuck Antelope Male    $2,500


Bird Hunts
Dove - per afternoon. Min 5 persons    $100 pp
Quail - per day. Min 3 persons              $500 pp
Turkey - per day. Min 2 persons            $500 pp


Wild Hog Hunts
Near College Station, TX
See & search Caldwell, Texas
for Antler Creek Wildlife Ranch
Feral Hogs - per day. Min 4 persons    $300 pp


Fishing (Tank& River)

Fishing - 1/2 day. Min 4 persons          $50 pp

Guiding is $50 per outing per hunter on Whitetail and Exotic male hunts. On occasion a guide must accommodate two hunters per guide. The hunter without a guide on any outing may harvest does, hogs and predators. Lodging is included on Whitetail, Exotic and Hog Hunts. Non hunter guest is $100 per day including lodging.


Hunting License, snake boots or wrap-arounds, gloves, face mask, light and heavy coat. An 8-10X power lens attachment for your phone camera or binoculars is very beneficial.

DEPOSIT:  $500 per hunter to hold a booked date. Deposit will be credited toward a harvest or may be refundable or transferable by Kinsel Cattle Company if you don’t get a reasonable harvest opportunity.

BALANCE: All hunters will pay anticipated hunting package balance prior to the first outing. A hunter will be refunded his balance fee if he or she does not harvest or wound an animal per Kinsel Cattle Company.

WOUNDED GAME: If at the discretion of the guide a hunter wounds a deer it may be considered a kill whereas the harvest fee of the estimated B&C score per the guide will apply. Retrieval efforts on foot or horseback will be attempted. Fortunately, a couple of the best deer trailing dog handlers are within one hour of the ranch and the hunter may request their services at the hunter's expense.

Kinsel Cattle Company reserves the right for the guide to disallow the harvest of any particular animal(s) and to cancel any hunt at any time.

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